Thursday, September 1, 2016

my rugby poem

  I wake up in the morning then me and my dad get ready to go to rugby. When we get to  rugby We start getting ready. We were in our lines. The captains did the coin toss. The other team won the coin toss. They choose to kick of.

 They kick, the ball is coming at me. I catch it. I say go go go in my head. I run fast enough to run ahead of the first person. The next person is fast. They come in and tackle me. Everyone in my team thanks me. My team mate passes the ball to me and I get a try.

 I get the ball again out of the scrum I kick it because it was near our try line. A few more minutes in the game. It was 5 all and the last run my heart was pounding get the ball. RUN RUN RUN. I got the ball I RUN RUN RUN all the way to the try line I have won the game for us. I was crying with joy. The end

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