Friday, April 15, 2016

Gymnastics one evening after school my stomach hurt and i had to go to gymnastics then i got ready for gym i had to do two hours none stop we got there and my stomach hurt so much but when i got stretched out i felt much better. than we started on the pea bars we had to walk across the two bars with are hands it was really hard. than we did the rings we had to tuck then L then hands started to slip and… i fell butt luckely i landed it . then we got to go on a really bouncy trampoline (what i call it jumpolin)butt ya we got to do front flips it was really fun and i nearly broke my neck because i nearly landed on my head. then i went home and i practice my stretches.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

moment in time camp

moment in time I woke up and I felt the hard lumps of the hard ground then I heard the yawning of my tent mates I saw arms in the air with clenched fists attached to the arms.I got out seeing my friends playing “(running out of breath)hey tom” i just jumped over a wire holding up another tent as i run past.Then we went on our first activity rafting”oh i can't wait to go rafting” .when we got there the teacher told us how to hold the paddle and how to paddle.for the first rapid Xiarn was at the front he fall back. When we had a lunch break there was a rock that we slid down it was really fun.we got back we had lunch”mmmm yum i had a really good lunch 😊 Then we went horse riding it was really fun. The end